Project 5,000 – help us feed them.

5th May 2017

North Ayrshire Foodbank is looking to develop donating partnerships with local businesses.Employers are the basis of our economic welfare and ensure through employment that their staff can sustain their lives – housing, food, clothes, heating & lighting and if income allows luxuries that makes life more than just comfortable.

Sadly, as well all know, there are a whole host of reasons meaning that there are those within our communities – family, friends and neighbours – who cannot achieve this and at times face the issue of securing that most basic of needs – food.

North Ayrshire Foodbank has been assisting on average 5,000 persons since 2012. One third of those assisted are children under the age of 18. In addition we spearheaded the summer activity club programmes offering free meals to those facing holiday time hunger due to not accessing their free school meals. We are delighted to continue this work in partnership with North Ayrshire Council and their network of providers.

The Foodbank has worked with local Supermarkets and benefitted from compassionate donations from schools, churches and individual businesses as well as concerned individuals to gain the 60 tons of food per annum  it distributes to those referred by agencies.

This year has seen a drop in the number of events that Supermarkets can offer due to policy changes and this is making an impact on our food stocks. Hence, looking at developing a new strategy to address the changes. This is not a criticism of the supermarkets who are strong supporters of our work, simply a recognition of a change in circumstances.

To address this the Foodbank will be organising a campaign of awareness raising amongst employers and encourage their business to organise staff collections which will be collected. It is a one tin campaign. All the foodbank will be seeking is one tin per employee.

VOCA, the call centre in Irvine have a permanent collection point for their staff who have given generously since 2013. This provides us with a steady stream of donations providing that essential lifeline to so many. Other business have donated ad hoc and we than them for that.

If employers are interested in hosting a permanent collection point and joining Project 5,000 then please do get in touch by phoning 01294 608519 ext 301 between 10am and 2pm Mon-Fri (leave a message otehr times) or email



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