Foodbank – new telephone number

18th August 2017

The Foodbank was persuaded last year, when attempting to move our telephone point from one part of the building to another, to embrace modern technology and switch from a traditional telephone system to one that is cloud based. Despite indicating that existing wi-fi connectivity was poor we were promised a system that was stronger and better. Wi-fi was not going to be an issue.

Sadly, the BT salespersons power of persuasion was better than the reality of using the system. Being a building from 1857 the wall thickness continues to defeat wi-fi.We persevered 8 months and finally waved the flag this week.

BT have been asked to cancel the cloud based system, at a penalty rate for early cancellation of contract, and restore a traditional landline. This has been carried out quickly and efficiently.

The new telephone system has been installed and the number is 01294 601312. We have as yet to work out how to set up the messaging system, so we ask for a bit more patience from supporters and colleagues. We are nearly there. The phone has been tested and actually rings.

I am sure the cloud based system would be a good system for a modern building with no real thickness to their walls. Sadly, that is not the case with this old traditional built building.

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