Does cooking or baking interest you?

23rd May 2018

cooks corner postcardDarren Fisher, the well known Chef from the Garfield Tapas and Wine Bar, will be hosting over 2018 a series of cooking demonstration sessions. Each block of four evenings will see Darren demonstrate and teach skills on a range of recipes. The demonstration events are open to anybody interested in learning a new cooking skill or to improve on what they already know. All ages welcome and all skills level literally catered for – the total beginner who has never cooked at all to the skilled amateur. Darren looks forward to welcoming you to each of the sessions. Interested individuals or families do not need to attend all four sessions, they are welcome to come and go as each sessions interests them. The first session will be on Friday June 1st starting at 6pm and will be hosted within the Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene on Glasgow Street (Sat Naz KA22 8EU). All we require you to bring along is your keen interest and enthusiasm, everything else will be provided. There is no fee for these events as the North Ayrshire Foodbank received funding from Awards for All allowing us to offer the sessions at no cost. Throughout the year until Christmas there will be other blocks of four sessions with the dates announced on the last Friday of the current block of four sessions and on our Foodbank website. It is our aspiration to contribute towards the achievement of increasing peoples knowledge and skills in and around healthy, nutritional food. If baking is something you would be interested in as well we will also be hosting a group we are calling the “Bakers dozen”. This group will meet on a Thursday from 3.30pm to 5pm hosted by Chef Jason Richardson who looks forward to working with interested individuals. Again in the Church and no previous knowledge nor skills required but also for those with experience. This is again for any age; children and adults. So, lets cook up a storm. We look forward to seeing you at the session starting on 1st June 2018 at 6pm or “Bakers Dozen” any Thursday. If you would like further information pelase email us at nafoodbank@btinternet.comcooks corner postcard

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