Day 10&11 – 26th and 27th March

28th March 2020

The work of the Foodbank is being streamlined as the Local Authority continue with their large scale interventions on behalf of the communities across the area.

The Senior Management Team have a huge logistical nightmare to address to ensure food is getting to as many households as possible. What a great job they are doing at what could only be described as “breakneck speed”. I had the privilege on Friday visiting St. Matthews on Friday with Donna Morrison’s. Robert McGillvery is heading up, as of early next week, a team who will be packing food for households with children who do not access free school meals. I believe over a thousand households are registered. The scheme is already up and running for those who did get free school meals and I believe that that numbers over 2,000 households. Given this has all happened in just over a week I believe North Ayrshire Council should be congratulated and their staff and volunteers thanked for making this miracle work.

I saw a food pack that was delivered to households and of the items I can recall it contained fruit juice, bread, margarine,  eggs, vegetables, pulses for soup, sausages, mince and a cake. If anybody has children in their households they should phone any Locality Hub who will assist them to register with the appropriate system.

Our own work continued at the foodbank. On Thursday evening we once again ran with the “Fareshare” session. Unsurprisingly the numbers were down, but as always, we were glad to get some extra food out. We also were glad just to see our regulars were still well.

The Fridays evening session, 6-8pm, did not see anybody call in for support. To reduce the exposure of volunteers we have decided to close this session for the foreseeable future. Not that the session was a total waste of peoples time since nobody sued the service. Hazel demonstrated once gain her skills with a vacuum cleaner. A job I would regularly do on a Friday night and saw as a chore. Hazel says she finds it therapeutic. Not only was the area vacuumed but we gave it a total wash down in preparation of the volunteers returning for duty Monday morning.

The cooking team continued to receive significant levels of donations of  vegetables from a variety of sources including the catering Department of NAC’s Education Service. It should be the case that Jason will have enough potatoes, leeks, carrots and other vegetables to cover next weeks meals. Jason and his team cooked and saw distributed just over 1,000 meals this week. That included meals like Piri Piri chicken (chicken courtesy of KFC), Stew Hot pot, chicken salad plus macaroni and cheese.

The council staff assigned to us under the guidance of Donna Morrison and Kevin Malone have performed their own miracle. By Friday all of the food had been date checked, sorted into type and crated up. Given the mountain at the beginning of the week it has been quite a task to get it all processed. Thank you all for carrying out that task

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