Day 12 – 16: March 28th to April 1st

2nd April 2020

Gosh, how the days go. The fantastic team from North Ayrshire Council have been flying around the hubs keeping them stocked up for requests for support.

Jason and his team of cooks have been making loads of meals everyday with them going to Cranberry Moss and Beith Community Development Association.

Fareshare is still able to provide some food so our Thursday evening sessions have been helping people. Remember, that is not a food bank session and is about redirecting food still good for consumption away from Landfill. Thus it is open to anybody no matter their circumstances. Be an eco warrior and use the food!

Thanks to SimpsInns for the food from their evenly closed down kitchens. They will assist Jason with his meals.  See, no need to bin food. They can always be used well thanks to clever chefs.

We have had confirmation that Community Windpower Limited will support the Foodbanks meals programme with the funds being specifically for the purchase of protein foods – stew, mince and chicken. Thank you for this generous and on-going support.

North Ayrshire Council very kindly took away all of our out of date food. Of the 26 tons donated at Christmas 4 tons was out of date. We thank everybody for their generosity but we do have to ask that dates are checked before giving. The oldest can we discovered was from 2014.

We cannot thank the generous donors enough who have sacrificial given monies to our crowdfunder appeal. Every donation, large or small, is going to sustain our meal programme. Last night, 1st April at 8pm, Brownbear hosted an on air concert through FreckFest. Listeners donated over 2,000 pounds to take our appeal up to an amazing 8,000.

North Ayrshire Council have almost completed their support packages to all of our communities. Congratulations on do such a wonderful job on what must have been a Herculean task. So many people are going to be support in a wide range of ways. Again, our heartiest congratulations to the Senior Management Team and all of their wonderful staff.

That means it should quieten down at the Foodbank. Over the last ten working days  the Foodbank and the Locality Hub teams have directed to those in need over 20 tons of food. Whilst we know not all the food boxes would be as perfect as we would aspire as we ran out of some items, it is still a huge logistical process which was only made possible by the support of NAC staff and their managers.

The Foodbank will stay open for the duration as health and government decrees allow. The food boxes will still be available as and when needed. Agency workers are welcome to collect and distribute. The meal production will continue as will Fareshare Thursday.

Look at our earlier news story on numbers to phone if you are in need of food.



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