Day 18 – 3rd April 2020

3rd April 2020

The back of my hands are badly scored from wearing the protection gloves. Swollen, cut and very sore. That’s the non-latex ones. I have tried others to no avail. Hopefully they will recover once this is all over.

In the meantime I just give thanks that we, and those around me, have survived another day. A situation which is not the same for those who have passed. Our condolences go out to all the grieving families.

We noted today that we have issued 16 tons of food since this all started. That is now the most accurate weight we have. Sadly, we also had to dispose of 3 tons of food which out of dat at the time of giving in the run up to Christmas.

To those who gave at Christmas. A huge thanks. We had no idea that that storehouse was going to be needed for such a drastic situation. But we are grateful to each and everyone of you who put something into the storehouse because it was badly needed.

We are now talking to our contacts at the various supermarkets to see who can access bulk stock to replenish out shelves. We appreciate it will not be easy given the stress the food supplies must be under tokeep the shelves full. We prayerfully hope they can assist.

In the meantime the Local Authority continue to maximise their reach to all communities across North Ayrshire. Well done.

Jason and his team are cooking away en mass. The smells from the Kitchen are a delight to the nostrils.

The crowdfunder appeal is nearing the 10,000 mark. We are grateful to all who have managed to give. We will honour each penny to ensure it produces meals our partners can distribute within their communities to those identified as in need.

We were delighted to hear from Save the Children who would like to use the Foodbank and hubs to distribute activity packs to all children in isolation. WE look forward to distributing those and helping households to keep the children entertained. Thank you for what you are about to send.

This is the end of a busy week. To our own volunteers we thank them. If anybody has gone the ”Extra mile” it is those who turn up to keep the Foodbank working.


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