Red vouchers – restart issuing

14th September 2020

North Ayrshire Foodbank suspended the issuing of our vouchers by agencies due to the potential” to spread COVID 19 as well as the more pragmatic fact that our partners who hosted and issued the food boxes had closed.
Currently the situation regarding host agencies is that they remain closed and the only way to get a food parcel is to collect it from North Ayrshire Foodbank itself in Ardrossan or to have North Ayrshire Council to deliver a food box.
The process will be as follows:
North Ayrshire Foodbank
Agency support workers: you can collect a food box from us and deliver it to your client. If you have vouchers ( please reorder if you have ran out of vouchers) you will need to fill one in and bring it with you in exchange for the food box. If you don’t issue vouchers we will fill in one from the Foodbank itself and you will be given the requested food box.
Beneficiaries: if your agency issues a voucher directly to a beneficiary the only current option is to collect it from the foodbank in Ardrossan as all other agencies residents still closed.
North Ayrshire Council
Agency support workers: if you determine a client is in need of a food box and you cannot collect it on their behalf or do not issue vouchers you can phone a Locality hub and give them all the information and they will deliver the food box.
Beneficiaries: the only option is to phone the 01294 310000 number and ask to be referred to a Locality hub.

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