North Ayrshire Foodbank Larder now open.

11th December 2020

In 2013 North Ayrshire Foodbank co-hosted a conference alongside Glasgow West Fareshare. The topic under discussion was the creation of a community supermarket aimed at households with some funds for food. The idea was to give access to a core range of foods for a fraction of their cost elsewhere. It was hoped that by doing so that this would free up limited monies coming into households and for the “savings” to be used to get more food from supermarkets or allow households to be able to pay energy bills. Many households were choosing between heating and eating, we sought to allow those households to heat and eat.
The journey across the years included a study trip to Copenhagen to the Weshop as well as to Middleton Manchester and Pilton Edinburgh to visit Pantries.
It was the Foodbanks conclusion that a community supermarket was not feasible as accessing a guaranteed regular supply of core items at a cost to allow savings was not proving possible. Therefore smaller options would be better. Although, 20 localised entities would be need across the local authority since 1 in 5 households are low incomed and may require a boost. Each of these entities would serve their immediate community to eliminate a need to travel as assistance is always within a ten minute walking distance of households.
A legacy of North Ayrshire Council’s excellent work through Locality hubs to feed households, amongst other support, during the pandemic lockdown has seen them support local organisations create the above localised entities. This includes community refrigerators, cafes and larders.
In Ardrossan the Whitlees Community Centre and North Ayrshire Foodbank have opted for Larders. Three Town growers are offering a community refrigerator as is The boxing club in Saltcoats.
The larder is a membership organisation. The Foodbank is setting a weekly fee of £4 per week with no joining fee. It is seeking to provide a four fold return via the food available to members. Members get one shop per week with membership being open to all households in north Ayrshire until a more local option opens up over 2021. All members have to be able to travel to Ardrossan as there is no delivery option.
The Foodbanks Larder is launching on Friday 18th December with it being open on a Friday as well as a Saturday. Membership forms can be completed during your first use of the larder or requested by emailing the foodbank ([email protected]). The Foodbank Larder membership requires proof of residency and the best official form of proof is your Council Tax bill. A copy will be held on file with your membership form. No proof, no membership. It is also one household one membership. The opening times will be Friday 4pm until 8pm and Saturday 10am until 2pm.
Please note the following – if you have membership with Whitlees Community Centre please do not join the Foodbanks. If you live outside of Ardrossan you can have membership until one opens in your community. During the Christmas holidays the larder will be closed. We are opening this week ( December 18th&19th) to give households a boost before the festive season starts. Watch our Facebook page in case this changes.

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