In store purchased food only please.

13th January 2021

In our endeavours to assist as many people as possible some donors may have been bringing food into local stores to leave at a drop bin close to their homes. In all honestly it never occurred to us that by doing  so collectively we could have been doing Tesco and Asda supermarkets a disservice. Donors too far away from Ardrossan may have been doing this to ensure we get the food as those drop bins are emptied weekly.

However, we have to highlight that the only food put into the drop bins should be food purchased from the store. The reason is that both Asda and Tesco give each foodbank a cash donation based upon the weight of the food donated via the drop bin. Food brought into the store from other sources therefore would up that donation incorrectly.

The two Supermarket chains have highlighted this to the Trussell Trust and we, at a local level, have been asked to bring this situation to the attention of our donors.

In fairness to our two excellent supporting Supermarkets we are happy to do so.

This only affects Tesco and Asda. If you live close to a Coop store you can drop food off in their drop bins as they are not currently involved in a cash valued support system.


Thank you all for all that you do to help those in our communities in need. Stay safe. Stay well.


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