Foodbank volunteer impersonators

6th September 2023

North Ayrshire Foodbank have been advised that at least two individuals (if not a team) have entered local stores, told staff they are from the Foodbank and removed the donated food. We have no further information on the incidents

In response the Foodbank has reported the thefts from the stores to the Police. The foodbank will be working with the stores to remind all on the simple process of identification to attempt to stop these thefts. The volunteers who are tasked with collecting the donated food each week will be reminded that they must wear our ID cards at all times and present these on arrival to the store Customer Services desk.

We thank our donating public for all they do to ensure we can assist vulnerable households. The loss of these donations impairs our capacity to do so. Hence, we will do all we can to ensure nobody takes these gifts of compassion without the proper authority.

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