Larder support – not for holidays, drugs nor alcohol.

27th October 2023

North Ayrshire Foodbank receives a lot of support from the wider community and generous individuals. That includes resources to operate the Larder.

It has proven necessary to publish information on three areas of personal activities we do not support people to engage.

First: The purpose of the Larder project is to assist households who face a regular issue relating to accessing sufficient food to feed their household. This is a question asked on the application form to become a member of the Larder. Often households choose between heating and eating, or providing for children.

The savings Larder households attain through their membership can be used for any of the above. The weekly saving on shopping can be around £10 per week.

There are three specific activities that individuals can choose to engage if they so wish but for which the Larder project will NOT support.

Foreign Holidays: We do not encourage people to cut back on their food bill by using the Larder so they can go on holiday.

Drugs: We do not support people to engage in illegal drugs purchasing.

Alcohol: We do not support people to buy alcohol whether or not they have addictions.

Households should use their income to feed themselves adequately; not cut back on nutrition  for holidays, drugs nor alcohol. It is not our intention to ask generous donors to fund any of the above.

The Larder is a community resource to address genuine food insecurity in the hope that the money saved will go towards other costs of living which will make life that little bit more manageable.

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