A taxing situation

29th October 2021

A huge congratulations to the 1200+ multi-millionaires who recently wrote to the Chancellor prior to the budget encouraging him to institute additional means of taxing your wealth. The sentiment contained within the letter is to be applauded. Applauded because you see and you understand. You see the inherent unfairness contained within the Tax system which spreads the burden of sustaining the State onto the income of those who have little to spare. You understand that as wealth creators or holders how you can afford more despite the protestations of those who say they represent your group in Parliament and seek to lower taxes. It appears, though, that the Chancellor has not listened.

If your Tax Accountants tell you otherwise then you may wish to ignore the rest of this appeal.

I am looking for one of your group to adopt North Ayrshire Foodbank.  Through Philanthropy I am suggesting that the money you suggested the Chancellor takes as additional Tax you give to the work of our Foodbank. Similarly, your network of friends who joined in this appeal should consider doing the same across the Country. Clearly you have a social conscience. A social conscience which sees the needs of the people across the land in terms of Government Services. Critical Government Services which support individuals and households in various ways to relieve stress and distress. Currently there is a vast gulf between the need for those services and the level of service needed to service those requirements. That’s where the Third Sector seeks to work. In that difference. That gap. If you could considering directing the difference between the amount you are currently taxed and the amount you asked the Chancellor to raise that Tax too and give it to a third sector organisation you will be making a huge societal difference. It is only asked that you give that support until the Chancellor makes the changes you have suggested. The North Ayrshire Foodbank provides 9,000 emergency food boxes per year. We are part of a growing network of Larders helping low incomes households boost their weekly shop and need supplies lines. We are seeking to open a bakery to support those using both the Foodbank and larders. We are working with our Education department on what I term dispersed farm; growing food with an educational focus but feeding local people. We work on welfare rights. We engage in cooking lessons. We engage in budgeting. We issue hundreds of festive food boxes to Foodbank beneficiaries and those homeless but in temporary accommodation. Your direct support would make everything feasible, sustainable and ensure that those in need get the support they need. We would be honoured if one of your letters signatories contacted us and considered us worthy of their financial support. Please keep up your campaigning to be more sufficiently taxed and strengthen the country and our citizens.

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